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Re-Creation Surviving the Human Experience

SKU: 0210
  • RE-CREATION – SURVIVING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE is a unique book that takes the reader on a journey through Anna’s dark past she never realized existed. She uncovers a life filled with deceit and abusive relationships. Anna became so beaten down and overwhelmed and she actually encounters a near death experience. It took all of these experiences for her to recognize how she lost herself trying to please others. At this point, Anna embarks on a mission to heal the physical and emotional damage and trauma that plagued her for the better part of her life. She spends several years on her quest to reconnect her mind, body and soul. Anna shares so much knowledge she has gained along her path to help others to see that there is a way to overcome all odds and restore love and light in your world.  She shares her story, in the hope that others will begin their journey to find their personal truth and move closer to the light and discover and live out their intended purpose here on Earth.

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