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SHE Wise Publications, LLC

Born out of an author's journey in 2023, SHE Wise Publications, LLC stands as a beacon for those seeking to share their voice. With a specialized focus on spiritual, healing, and self-help genres, we're here to illuminate, guide, and empower readers to seek their best life.

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Meet Kristin Aurelia

Kristin Aurelia grew up in a small town in New England. She is a Soul-Led Author, Reiki Practitioner, Podcaster, Public Speaker, Coach and Teacher. Additionally, she is NASM CNC and NASM CWC certified. Kristin obtained her MBA, M.A. in Human Resources Management and Instructional Design and B.S. in Psychology from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. She has spent much of her life studying and observing human behavior. She has made it her life’s mission to share experiences and bring wisdom and knowledge to the forefront of her works with the desire to help others along their journey.


Kristin is a messenger sent to spread light and love while creating unity. As she puts it, "We are ALL CHILDREN OF GOD…one collective consciousness…Surviving the Human Experience!"

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Meet Denise Claire

Denise Claire is a Soul-Led Author, Reiki Practitioner, Telepathic Healer, Public Speaker, Coach and Teacher. She is a Reiki Master and is currently working on her NASM CNC and NASM CWC certifications. Additionally, she has had a very successful career as an entrepreneur where she has been instrumental in being an advocate for many social causes and legislative matters. 


Denise has spent decades living in a small town, just existing in what she created, her sheltered life of smoke and mirrors. A life where, what she believed to be true unfolded into a sea of darkness upon the death of her oldest child. There came a point where there could no longer be denial of the past, which crept to the surface. Her faith in GOD led her through the darkest of truths to uncover the true meaning of her life, which is to help guide others to walk the path back to GOD.

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